From Debt to Wealth

Managing Personal Finance

From Debt to Wealth teaches you how to pay off your debt in order to build wealth through assets. Like the Solomon Portfolio, you will learn how to diversify your assets through stocks and shares, mutual funds, bonds, real estates, commodities, etc.
You’ll learn at which life stage each investment option will be good for you, making good use of time and compound interest to create wealth. If you know how to diversify your portfolio, you wouldn’t be a victim of any Ponzi or pyramid scheme. Time, patience, and wisdom creates wealth.

Building Generational Wealth

For Your Children’s Children

Through the habits of avoiding debt, saving money, investing in financial and physical assets, anyone can build generational wealth. Mary offers a 1-2-1 financial coaching where she discusses the fundamentals of wealth building and Generational Wealth, Debt, Budgeting, Savings, Land Banking, Real Estates, ETFs, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Shares, Pensions, Life Insurance, Businesses and Side Hustles. With budgeting, she digs deeper into her client’s income and expenditure statement to establish whether their financial situation is an income issue or an expenditure issue and how they can improve their income and hence increase their investments. You can contact Mary through her website: You can also access my online courses here: