A lot of people are living in poverty all over the world because they are swimming in debt whilst earning averagely. These same people are showing off by flexing and flashing expensive products they cannot afford with money they don’t even have but they borrow to buy them anyway just to falsely impress the same people who don’t care or pay particular attention to their false impression of riches.
What you don’t know is that it keeps you in a poverty trap which gets passed on to your generations. For example, if a parent lacks financial knowledge they will not know any better when it comes to financial management therefore being trapped in poverty and passing on a cycle of poverty mentality.

The bible says we should have no debt or let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. Debt is surely not a sin but it is dangerous. Debt is like a prison because it puts people into emotional prison. Debt creates fear of the future, tension, apprehension, and creates environment of stress.
Debt is not a good thing to have and should not be entertained in our lives. If you have an attitude of compulsive spending, you have to check your spending habits and start saving and investing.

They say many rivers begin from tiny streams but they all come together to form big powerful rivers. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. When you save or invest some of your hard earned income consistently, no matter how small they are, over the years your investments will grow through capital appreciation and the power of compound interest.

Generational wealth making starts with parents trickling down to their children, which also has a positive change on an economy.
When parents learn to manage their finances well, avoid debt and build wealth through investments, their children will copy their lifestyle and discipline. They will in turn teach their generations erasing poverty in any economy bringing even a whole nation into a middle income status to a prosperous nation.
When there is discipline in financial management, poverty is erased, people’s health gets better because they eat the right food and millionaires are created.

Don’t go into debt to buy luxuries. Build assets that generates income for you and use money from your assets to enjoy better life. Do not try to impress people who doesn’t even like you by living an expensive lifestyle from borrowings. Wealth creation is all about discipline. Think about your generations and build not to destroy.

Time to focus on building retirement pot and generational wealth so get out of debt, act your wage, get on a budget, learn to save and invest for a better future.

Are you in debt? Do you want your financial freedom by coming out of debt to build wealth and teach your generations how it is done?

Then let this new book, ‘From Debt To Wealth’ guide you to build your generational wealth or contact me as a financial coach by completing a form on my website and we will take it from there.

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  1. Thank you for your article.its eye opener. It’s helpful for present generation. Living rich for others sake is so dangerous.thank God for i have came to this site.

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