Mary Ayisi-Boadu is a professional Investment Banker with over 20 years of experience. She has worked and managed professionals and client portfolios at some of the top global Investment banks such as Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Wells Fargo Bank International N.A, Close  Property Finance. Mary’s has over the years specialised in Syndicated, Bilateral, Agency Loans, FX and Money market, Swaps, Futures, Time Deposits, Bonds etc

Mary is an author of four books including the famous, From Debt To Wealth, The Student Entrepreneur, Be Positive Be Great, The Global Entrepreneur and soon to be released “BUILDING GENERATIONAL WEALTH’’.

Mary is also a Motivational Speaker on Personal Finance, a Financial Coach and a Mentor to everyone especially the youth and young graduates.

Mary is a generational thinker, she Coaches people on how to avoid debt, how to return from debt and how to build wealth for financial security for self and generations.

Debt is not a good thing to have. The worries of debt and persistent creditor contact can result in stress and will surely affect your mental health, difficulty sleeping, extreme anxiety, muscle tension, regrets, anger and frustration, fear, shame and embarrassment, chest pain, irritability and to some extent could lead to suicide. Debt can keep you from accomplishing your own financial goals, it can keep you from owning your own home, saving and even investing for your future especially in old age. The same money that you use to service your debt can be used as your regular savings or investment. 

Many people think about the ‘now’, what they will eat, drink and wear but do not think or consider the future and how they will survive in old age. After certain years in life, your body will be weak so you cannot work to make ends meet. If you have not previously and consciously saved or invested for your old age, you will live a miserable life and become over-reliant on others for daily upkeep and maintenance. For these reasons, Mary coaches people to invest as soon as possible in Pension funds, Bonds, Stocks, Insurance, Life Policies and highly recommend a witting WILL in place.

Are you working and don’t know where your money goes month in and month out?  

Mismanaging your funds and don’t know how to take control of the same? 

Overspending and saving less or nothing at all? 

Are you in debt and struggling? 

Business suffering for lack of funds? 

Do you want to learn how to be financially free? 

Do you want to know the financial options available to you?

If these are applicable to your situation, then spend time with Mary to learn how to build generational wealth. 


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