When we talk about wealth, we’re not talking about riches so please do not get it wrong. What we’re talking about is Financial Independence. You know why? Because when people are in debt, they develop stress and anxiety and these can lead to sicknesses and diseases such as: High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Depression, Insomnia, Constipation (bowel movements), Diabetes, cancer etc and it makes you wonder why people overspend and what we spend our monies on.

The answer is because we are too materialistic, being excessively concerned about material possessions when we don’t even need it. 

People  are consumers and not creators. We also like to buy brand new and expensive things to look rich even though we’re not. Ignorance is making us spend unnecessarily and overspend.

Our culture promotes sexiness, hot, swag, and anything fla

shy but never about wealth building. Our men want to look trim with the most expensive trainers trying to outdo one another instead of making money and investing it.

We spend anyhow because of ignorance in wealth building, cheap and easy access to finance. Too much available credit like Credit Card, bank loans etc but what we forget is  it is easy to create debt but difficult to pay off.

Buy now pay later, then we all rush to acquire whatever they’re selling making the companies richer but you, yes you out of pocket. Remember never to spend tomorrow’s income today. Doing this creates debt not wealth. You cannot afford to create poverty in your bloodline blaming the devil and everyone around you for your family’s situation.

Overspending on groceries, everyday fast food, liquor without budgeting will make you poor.

Looking glam and beautification without planning, impulse and spontaneous purchases; buying things anyhow will make you regret one day.

Some people buy miracle diet, weird fitness products and teleshopping when they walk, run and eat healthy to reduce their expenditure. 

People who have pets spend so much on food, medicals, insurances when they cannot afford it. 

We do too much outings because of our YOLO mentality. We always think we only live once so parties all the way with new clothes every time they attend new parties.

Are you a Starbucks, Costa, Eat, Cafe Nero, Pret’s loyal customer? Do you do take away teas and Coffees when you can make your own from home to work or even have it in a powdered form and add hot water when you get to your destination in order to save money.

Do you have an expensive spouse who likes everything they see? It’s about you have wise words together.

Get rich quick schemes, also known as a Ponzi or pyramids schemes is making people waste their monies and even sending some to their early graves.  

Games, latest technology and in-app purchases, smoking and vaping is a big money waster. 

Are you gambling or betting? Remember that wealth is built with consistency and it takes time not one day or six months. Investing in good assets builds character, patience, good behaviour, learning, humility, teaching and understanding. 

Money doesn’t care about your race or religion, it just needs respect and handling with care. You can apply the wisdom of seduction on money to keep it. With this I mean think carefully before you give it away. Let that money know that you want to keep it and it will be yours forever.

Remember that a fool is easily parted with their money. And what good is money in the hands of a fool if they don’t have the desire to seek wisdom? Proverbs 17:16

There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise but a foolish man spend it up. Proverbs 21:20

Would you like your generations to have lots of options and freedom in life? Like being secured economically? Would you like to take worry, struggle and wanting out of your bloodline? You can do this by avoiding debt, spending wisely, save, invest and build generational wealth. You can do this even on low income. Wealth building is intentional and requires massive actions.

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