Financial experts always advise to keep an emergency fund, avoid debt, save and invest even if you earn a little income. The reason being that when you put monies away by investing and it accumulates and continues to accumulate over time, it gives you a sense of purpose, achievement, confidence and stability. Without this, you will develop a scarcity mindset which is a dangerous mindset to keep and a barrier to your success. This is the kind of mindset I pray none of your descendants should develop. It is a waste of time in the midst of abundance to develop such a negative mindset as it keeps you stuck. 

As you build wealth, your mindset changes and your thoughts becomes actions. I will repeat it again that to come to your financial freedom, find a way to reduce your outgoings, do not create further debt, save, invest and think of the longer term. Set 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and even 40 year goals, read more, acquire new skills that will help you earn money to build wealth.

With the scarcity mindset, you make terrible mistakes and bad decisions. You are likely to take on a credit card or loan to supplement income and pay for small purchases and hence build more debt plus taking greater health risk for the purposes of supplementing income. Change this negative mindset to change your family tree.

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